Beginners Yoga Course

The Beginners Yoga Course has been running for many years and if you are new to yoga then it’s a great place to start!  The course offers a structured format to ensure you learn the basics correctly and safely before progressing on to group classes. Along with the practical aspects of the course you will learn the health benefits of yoga exercise, yoga breathing, and relaxation.  The course is also suitable for those wanting to understand authentic classical yoga and yoga from a holistic perspective.

Emma took the course and left a testimonial! “A great course for anyone interested in starting yoga, but nervous of going straight into classes.  I felt very at ease and comfortable with the teaching style, learnt lots and it has left me looking forward to continuing and improving my yoga practice, especially now I know how great it leaves me feeling.”

Beginners Yoga Course

Tuesdays 8-9pm. For 4 weeks.

The next course will start on Tuesday 27th September 2022

In-person Venue: The Main Hall, The Salvation Army, Loughborough. This is a beautiful and peaceful room, located in Loughborough Town. Free parking is available at this venue.

The course can also be taken Live & Online via Zoom.

Course Cost £75. The groups will be kept small and individual course notes will be provided.

Booking: Please register via the Email below. We look forward very much to connecting soon!

If you have any questions please let us know!

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