Class Update COVID-19

25.09.2020 Hello Everyone, we continue to offer classes and courses online, with in-person workshops in Normanton on Soar where possible. The Beginners Course will start back in October, I hope to see you soon!!

12.08.2020 We are starting our in person yoga at Normanton on Soar on Saturday 5th September. Online classes will also continue after great success over the lockdown period. Hope to see you soon!

27.05.2020 Online classes are well underway, check out the new Meditation Course and Yoga Lifestyle 1:1 plan.  Bringing yoga to you!  It’s the new normal but we seem to have found a groove with it!  See you online!

17.04.2020  Online Classes available here 


International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga – 21st June

In June each year millions of yoga enthusiasts around the globe celebrate yoga!  Here in Loughborough we do the same.  It is always a great evening full of heart, soul and good food!

Here at Yoga Loughborough it’s all about community and feeling a part of something bigger, during the evening we have time to celebrate this ethos.   The evening often includes inspirational readings, yoga postures and breathing techniques, deep relaxation, mantra chanting, lots of food and chit chat!

Often we have wonderful memories to share.  To check out our photos you can visit the Facebook Page:

Yoga & Me by Diddy Elliott

I have been doing yoga on and off for years. A new video, a bad back or a conversation with someone about it would spark my interest again but I never felt as though I was doing it properly.

In May 2017 after years of back problems I was training for a half marathon and feeling pretty good. I still had back pain, almost daily but had accepted that my back was never going to be strong. I turned on the edge of the bed one morning to pick up my mobile phone which was behind me, and something went in my back. It was so painful, I could not walk, lying was excruciating as was standing. I was like this for 2 weeks until I could get down the stairs and see a physiotherapist. He told me that my hips had clicked out of line and caused a slipped disc. This took several weeks to calm down and as I went back to work I decided that I needed to do something to build more strength in my body. I wanted to do yoga again, however I wanted to be taught properly and I needed adjustments made for the poor state of my back.

I called Reena at Yoga Loughborough and booked my first session. She was understanding and gentle, adapting all of the postures for me and reminding me all the time that I was only to do what I could and not push beyond any pain.

That was 13 weeks ago, I practice daily (life permitting) I am well on my way to doing a headstand and have recently mastered crow pose! My progress has been astonishing and I love how comfortable my body feels. I now get out of bed in the morning and just go, for years I used to hobble around, waiting for the pain in my back to subside before I could move freely. Once I started yoga I seemed to be in a position to consider what was good for me in different ways, not setting rules for myself but making positive decisions.

In my practice I still have to do the poses I find difficult or don’t like a lot but I have made my own rhythm with my moves. I hold all of the postures for 5 steady breaths and this ensures that I don’t skimp on the ones I find difficult! I do what feels right for me on the day, sometimes a full hour and sometimes a quick 10 minutes. I really do feel that with Reena’s tuition I am well on the way to enjoying yoga for life.