Online Class Guidance

Step by step guidance for joining the Online Class:

  1. Download the free software Zoom, create a free account and familiarise yourself with the software before the class commences.
  2. Once you have booked the class a link will be sent to you via Email (at least 30 minutes before the class starts).
  3. If possible, choose a room where you will be able to practice without disturbance and an area which has enough space around you.
  4. Have your yoga mat, cushion, blanket etc ready before the class starts.
  5. The class link will open 10 minutes before the start, click the link at least 5 minutes before the class is due to start.
  6. If prompted select ‘Join with Video’
  7. You may be placed in a virtual waiting room, in which case the teacher knows you are there and will let you in!
  8. If prompted select ‘Join with Computer Audio’
  9. All microphones will automatically be set to mute in order that everyone can hear the teacher clearly without disturbance.
  10. Place your camera where you are visible to the teacher.
  11. During the class you can set the view to ‘Speaker View’ in order that you can see the teacher over the full screen.
  12. There will be time for any questions at the end of the class or via phone/email after the class. If you do need to contact the teacher during the class there is a Zoom Chat box for private messages.