Yoga Lifestyle 1:1

The Yoga Lifestyle Framework is for those that are ready to make real changes with their health and would like closer guidance to help them achieve their goals.   A step by step approach is taken to ensure you are progressing at the right time and it works for you given your circumstance. 

If you are interested you can initially book a 30 minute consultation and a meeting can be arranged at a convenient time.  

Guide to Yoga Lifestyle Framework:

Stage 1:  Yoga Lifestyle Consultation


30 minute consultation online via Zoom.  Once booked we will be in touch to arrange your meeting.


At every stage there is no commitment to progress to the next stage.

Stage 2:  Yoga practice session.  You will be shown various techniques from the classical teachings of Yoga and/or Meditation. Here you can really get a feel for the practice and teaching. 1 hour

Stage 3: Block of 5 Lessons.  These sessions allow the teacher to really go further in your development and create a yoga lifestyle plan guided by an experienced teacher. 5 x 1 hour sessions.

Stage 4: Block of 5 Lessons.  This stage is really about embedding everything you have learnt so far and setting in the discipline and routine with your personalised practice. 5 x 1 hour lessons.

Stage 5: Refresher lessons. These sessions are available to those that have completed up to at least stage 3 and would like to “check in” and refresh their practice after some time. Ad-hoc 1 hour.