Our Story

Welcome and Namaste! 

We truly believe yoga is for everyone and encourage everyone to practice yoga regardless of their personal background.  We hope that in practising yoga you will not only improve your wellbeing but also feel a part of a community.

Yoga is a holistic practice offering a number of benefits both physical and mental.  Benefits include reduced  physical and mental tension, muscle strength and tone, correcting poor posture, greater flexibility and increased energy flow.  Yoga will also improve your breathing, circulation, digestion and nervous system.

Meditation is the practice that brings peace of mind.  Meditation helps develop self awareness, focusing our attention on the present moment without any judgement.  Benefits include a reduction in stress, improved sleep, a more positive outlook, and reduced inner conflict.

Reena – Teacher & Founder

Reena founded Yoga Loughborough after completing her initial teacher training course.  Her inspiration came about when she couldn’t find a local class similar to her preferred style.  At the time on a break from her professional career she then decided to teach Yoga fulltime.  Reena graduated from Kings College London and Loughborough University but believes her significant life lessons occurred whilst practicing yoga and meditation.

Himalayas, India.

Reena was inspired by the practice of meditation many years ago and was later introduced to yoga by her uncle Kishore living in Boston, USA.  She credits much of her early learning to him.

Growing up Reena loved to dance and also completed her Diploma in South Indian Classical Dance.  She is also a fan of many sports, playing in hockey and netball teams, and playing tennis when she can.

Reena has travelled extensively, staying in communities and yoga centres around the world, including a trip to India where she obtained her Advanced Teacher Training Certification.

Reena is an Experienced Member of the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, having over 2000 hours of teaching experience and having completed a number of additional courses.  Reena is insured with the Yoga Alliance UK.

Further training completed:  Yoga Psychology, Yoga Posture and Anatomy, Meditation and Mantras, Yoga for Children,  Yoga for Pregnancy, Yoga for Seniors (including chair yoga).