Class Update (COVID-19)

Class Update (COVID-19)

27.05.2020 Online classes are well underway, check out the new Meditation Course and Yoga Lifestyle 1:1 plan.  Bringing yoga to you!  It’s the new normal but we seem to have found a groove with it!  See you online!

17.04.2020  Online Classes available here 

09.04.2020  Online Hatha classes to start Wednesday 22nd April.  Each Wednesday there will be two classes which you can easily book online.

06.04.2020  Hi everyone, I wanted to update you about online classes.  I have been working to try make this as straightforward as possible to access the online class.   We now have a SSL secure website which can take card payments and a new consents form which can be quickly submitted in one click.

I have been practising on both sides as a student and as the teacher so I hope I can make this process relatively seamless for you.  Please be assured I am working within the guidelines of the insurance provider and guidance from the Yoga Alliance UK.

So there will be two trial classes this Wednesday 8th April at 7.30am and 6pm.

The trial classes this week will be open to those who have completed at least one of the following:

  • A 4 week beginners course
  • At least 4 drop-in classes
  • Or a block of 5 private lessons

Weekly classes will then be opened up to all others.

The trial classes will allow us to understand the likely demand, adjust timings, fine tune things, get feedback from you etc.  The trial class will be available for £5 and can be paid via the website, link below.   Also you are required to fill in the consents form prior to the class (regardless of whether you have done a class before or not) this is available on the same page.  The consents form only needs to be completed once.

Steps to book the class:

  1. Click link to “Online Classes” page web here:
  2. Fill in the class disclaimer form and click submit
  3. Choose the class you want to attend and make payment with a bank credit/debit card
  4. You will receive a private link (via email) to the class at least 15 minutes before the class starts.
  5. Click on the link at least 5 minutes before the class is due to start

I have put together some more guidance on the Online Classes page, useful to read prior to taking your first online class.  It should be straightforward from your end but I am here to help if you need it.

After the trial classes I hope to offer weekly classes from week commencing 20th April.   You will be able to book in the same way via the website at the start of each week.

As this is a trial please do ask me questions on the run up to the class or after the class. This will help going forward and give you the confidence required to join the class online.  Any feedback is also welcome!

I look forward to seeing you soon!


30.03.2020 Hi everyone, I hope all is well with you.  I am well, thank you for those of you who have been keeping in touch, it means so much.  I have been busy, so much has happened since the last time I messaged you, how things are changing by the second!  I have been buying kit and preparing to go online.  I have to admit it has taken some shift in mental readiness, together with making sure that it is still done to the standard we need to deliver our teaching.  Safety is the most important aspect of our teaching and with this in mind it can take a little longer to make sure things are in place to teach online.

As yet there is no timeline as things are constantly changing but I hope to be teaching something online soon.  Watch this space!  If you think you may join online classes you will require the web conferencing application Zoom.  It is free to download and is available on most platforms.  You will also need a mat which is non slip.   I am aware some of you have outstanding class passes, these have been frozen at the point when group classes ceased at the Salvation Army and can therefore be used once we are back (we just don’t know when that will be).  Due to the uncertainty surrounding classes at the centres we will keep these classes completely separate from the online classes offered.

In the meantime while I navigate the world of technology I have recorded a small piece.  It’s the Om Namo Narayanaya mantra.   In our meditation sessions we often use internal repetition of a mantra to help focus the mind and bring about mental peace.   I have recoded it for you so you can hear how it sounds and you can either use it in your meditation or as a separate chanting piece.  I have chosen this mantra as it represents bringing about order in the universe.  Narayana symbolises goodness and compassion.  Also when we chant Namo we are releasing our attachment to ego and bowing to the greater goodness that lies within us all.

Enjoy – mind my singing it was recorded once with zero practice! 🙂

Much Love Reena

25.03.2020 Hello everyone, in line with government recommendations, the most recent yoga alliance guidance, and the Salvation Army restrictions, all face to face classes will no longer take place.  Therefore we have now entered our extended spring break. We will continue to assess the situation and I will be in touch again soon.   I am hopeful that if required alternatives ways to teach will be possible.

I wish you all tremendous resilience, good health and calm. I trust that everything we have been working on in classes and retreats will no doubt help you establish a home routine. Keep it simple and consistent. It will help you no end.

Remember these 5 points everyday:
1. Proper exercise including yoga postures and stretching to stay supple and strong
2. Proper breathing to keep energy levels up and free flowing
3. Proper Relaxation to reduce anxiety and stress
4. Proper diet to build strong immunity
5. Meditation or Positive thinking to take control of how we feel from within.

In every class we close with Namaste – the deeper meaning of Namaste is what’s truly valuable to our human race. We honour ourselves, at the same time we honour each and every one of us on this planet. The problem is everyone’s and so the solution must be everyone’s. We are in this together and we will come through this stronger as a community.

Much Love Reena