Corporate Wellbeing

Corporate Yoga and Wellbeing can be brought to any organisation that values their employees and understands that healthy employees improve productivity and significantly reduce sickness in the workplace.

Here are some of the ways Corporate Wellbeing can help:

Mindful Breathing energises and reduce levels of stress

Mindful Stretches release tension and improve posture

Mindful Meditation brings calm and encourages positive thinking

Mindful Relaxation recharges and reduces the risk of burnout

Mindful Eating brings greater mental clarity and prevents sluggishness

Yoga can give your employees a mechanism to cope with pressures at work and home.

Corporate Wellbeing Lecture – just 1 hour is needed to delivery this presentation on yoga based stress management and how to achieve balance both mentally and physically.  Reena now a full time Yoga and Meditation Teacher has many years working in the corporate environment and will impart her knowledge on how yoga has helped her achieve a healthier outlook. Call 07957206629 to book.