Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga can be a beautiful gift to both yourself and your child to be.  Yoga will provide physical, mental and emotional balance; reducing stress and uncertainties associated with pregnancy.  The breathing practices also provide a greater flow of energy throughout the body and can be invaluable during your entire pregnancy and beyond. You are choosing a positive environment for yourself and your growing child from the outset.

The Yoga for Pregnancy Course has been put together specially designed to take you through yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques tailored for pregnancy and has the safety of you and your baby at its core. The structure of the course allows you to progress and learn in a relaxed environment.  The course can also be taken with a partner, family member or friend at no additional cost. IMG_4808

Course Duration: 5 x 1hr private sessions (scheduled based on your availability).

Course Cost: £195.  Mats and equipment are all provided.

If you would like to take an Introductory Lesson before making a commitment the cost is £35 (1 hour).

Location: The Gaia Centre, 17 Frederick St, Loughborough.

Booking:  To book your lesson Call: 07957206629 or Email: