Our Story

Welcome to Yoga Loughborough and our community!  At Yoga Loughborough we offer yoga classes and courses, meditation, corporate offerings, retreats, workshops and much more.  If you are new to our community please get in touch and we can see how we can help you meet your needs.  Yoga is much more that just a yoga class but a journey into self discovery and a place where you can come and feel at home.   We believe yoga is for everyone and as such we welcome people from all walks of life to start or continue their yoga journey with us.draft 1

Yoga is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and offers a number of benefits both physical and mental. Some of these benefits include relieving  physical and mental tension, building muscle strength and muscle tone, improving poor posture, enhancing flexibility and also increasing energy levels.  Yoga also works on our physiology including correcting poor breathing habits, improving circulation, aiding digestion and developing a healthy respiratory system.  Yoga will also bring a sense of calm and develop concentration.

Meditation and Mindfulness practices work on both a physical and mental level.  Mindfulness practices focus your attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgment.  The benefits of both meditation and mindfulness include reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, reducing the risk of heart disease and also helps tackle depression, relationship conflicts, anxiety and compulsive disorders.

Reena – Teacher & Founder

After graduating from Loughborough University and Kings College London Reena had a successful career in the corporate world, also gaining professional certification in her field of work.  Reena’s commitment to her career and also having a strong work ethic meant that taking up yoga full time did not come easy and without much sacrifice.  Her drive comes from a deep rooted belief that yoga can help everyone feel like they belong no matter what their background and that teaching yoga is much more about building harmonious communities where we can all thrive.

Himalayas India

Reena believes it is not just yoga that has helped shape the course of her journey but also a combination of many things including the inspiration from those close to her.  At an early age Reena obtained a Diploma in South Asian Classical Dance and really enjoyed performing on stage throughout her youth.  Her passion for sport also meant she was playing netball and hockey for her school team and tennis at her local club.  Reena was later introduced to yoga by her uncle based in Boston, USA who still plays a vital role in guiding her with the teachings of yoga philosophy.  Although born in the UK Reena has always been extremely inquisitive about her ethnic roots and finding yoga was truly an extension of everything she believed in and more.

Reena strives to bring an international standard of classical yoga to Loughborough, she has travelled extensively staying in communities and yoga centres around the world including a trip to India where she obtained her advanced yoga certification.  Her continued commitment to learning and self development is what underpins her teaching.

Reena is a Chartered Member of the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK having over 2000 hours of teaching experience and having completed a number of additional courses. She is also fully insured with the Yoga Alliance UK.

Further Training Completed: Yoga for Children,  Yoga for Pregnancy, Yoga for Seniors (including chair yoga),  Yoga Psychology, Yoga Posture and Anatomy, Meditation and Mantra Chanting.